Meet The Leadership

Nikki Loya

President / CEO

Nikki Loya has degrees in both Civil and Environmental Engineering. Prior to starting SNM2R, Nikki worked at the Port of Houston Authority (POHA) and was over the Water Programs. She ensured compliance with all water related mandated programs and all aspects of the regulatory requirements of Port of Houston Authority’s wastewater treatment facilities, Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP), implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, wetlands program, vessel discharge permits, ballast water issues, drinking water testing, and ground water. Before POHA, Nikki has worked with consulting civil engineering firms for over 15 years and her experience ranges from NEPA reports and Environmental Permits, Issues and Commitments for TxDOT, to site remediation, site characterization, waste management, pollution prevention, recycling, environmental due diligence, risk assessments, and industrial hygiene for a wide range of clients ranging from federal, state and local regulatory agencies, utility districts, department of transportation, real estate industry and other public and private clients.


Senior Environmental Engineer

TC 2021 2A

Over 30 years of environmental experience including performing Phase I & II environmental site assessments and remedial designs for subsurface petroleum contamination. Tim’s experience includes collecting and analyzing hazardous materials data, conducting hazardous material assessment write-ups, completing hazardous material site reconnaissance, regulatory review, stormwater, drinking water and wastewater permitting assistance, field studies and inspections, soil, surface water, seawater, and groundwater sampling.

Tim has conducted numerous hazardous materials investigations, prepared storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP), spill prevention control and countermeasure (SPCC) plans, storm water management plans (SWMP), Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), waste evaluation and disposal guidance documents, as well as has prepared Environmental Permits.

As Senior Environmental Engineer at SNM2R, Tim is involved in marketing, procurement, and technical reporting for this full-service consulting engineering firm, providing environmental compliance, permitting, inspection, and quality assurance.

Lily Wells

Senior Environmental Compliance Specialist

Lily headshot

Lily Wells has 25 years of transportation/air quality experience in the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria Nonattainment Area.  Her expertise includes maritime and ground transportation emission studies, regional emissions assessments, and research on emission reduction technologies and operational practices including ITS and policy options. Ms. Wells is a native Houstonian. She is passionate about key environmental successes in the region that have occurred amidst the rapid growth of the city.  Key success stories include regional air quality improvements resulting from the TexAQS study of highly reactive VOC emissions. That study resulted in changes to emissions characteristics for the region’s petrochemical industry, which led the region from a severe nonattainment area to moderate.  Growing up in Houston, we never saw brown pelicans. Today brown pelicans can be seen all along the Gulf coast and in the Houston Ship Channel as a result of banning DDT. It is environmental successes like these that keep Ms. Wells searching for opportunities to improve the environment while fostering economic growth.

In addition to managing our Air Division, Lily also spearheads SNM2R’s Clean Water Act, Water quality permitting, coordination compliance and reporting. The Clean Water Act (CWA) establishes regulatory requirements applicable to discharges of pollutants to “waters of the U.S.” Statutory requirements include the need for discharge permits, and associated sampling and monitoring. Lily is responsible for successful coordination and consultation for a long list of NPDES Water Quality Permit “new permit application” and “renewal applications” client. These NPDES Permits are a license for facilities to discharge a specified amount of a pollutant into receiving water under certain conditions. Obtaining this permit can be an arduous process because facilities must comply with environmental regulations from multiple agencies. SNM2R assists with water permitting and compliance. Under Lily’s supervision, our water permitting consulting services are designed to assist facilities in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. Lily’s expertise helps streamline the application and permitting process by analyzing your facility and determining which permit is best suited for you.

Furthermore, Lily is involved in all functions from marketing, procurement, and technical reporting for this full-service consulting engineering firm, providing environmental compliance, permitting, inspection, and quality assurance. In her current role Lily is geared to provide environmental compliance assistance to all sectors, including local, state and federal governments, individuals, businesses and corporations.

Priya Nayar

Public Involvement and Communications Lead


Priya has degrees in both Economics and Journalism. Priya is SNM2R’s Public Involvement and Communications Coordinator and Planner working on environmental and public involvement projects. SNM2R’s expertise and services include environmental and public involvement projects, including planning and facilitation of roadway improvement projects, public meetings and noise workshops for TxDOT.

Furthermore, Priya is the lead Environmental Compliance Auditor at SNM2R. She provides team coordination, field work supervision and report preparation support on Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Industrial Audit Reports, and stormwater and wastewater permitting, reporting and consulting for a wide spectrum of state and local clients. She assists with communications and environmental consulting projects through composition, review, and revision within the team review process; collection of necessary project information; and general support of team projects.

In her current role Priya is geared to provide environmental compliance assistance to all sectors, including local, state, and federal governments, individuals, businesses, and corporations. She plays and integral role in all functions from marketing, procurement, and technical reporting, providing environmental compliance, permitting, inspection, and quality assurance.

Mission Statement

To provide sustainable and responsive engineering solutions, continuous environmental improvement, effective implementation and long term support for all our clients’ objectives and goals.